5 Frequent Challenges With Local Marketing for Small Business

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5 Frequent Challenges With Local Marketing for Small Business

Whether you’re a family owned small business or single person service company, marketing your products and services can be quite challenging, especially when you have tough competition. Here are 5 most common challenges faced by small business owners when marketing locally.

1. Lack of Leads

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is to find new, relevant leads. As more people do their research online before making a purchase decision, lead generation campaigns should focus a lot more on digital marketing activities. Lead generation can be achieved  through inbound marketing strategies using content marketing on social media platforms, email marketing or through paid advertising on Google and social media channels.

Finding the ideal target or customer is a key component in all aspects of marketing. To be more effective, one of the first things any small business needs is to identify their buyer persona, in order to determine who they are addressing through their marketing campaigns.

Next step is the creation of a marketing funnel that fits your specific business needs, and defining various customer touch points along the journey. In addition to this, marketing automation tools can save a lot of time and make the process more efficient.

2. Poor Brand Visibility

If your business doesn’t have a website or presence on social media yet, it’s time to take action. More and more people discuss brands and buy products through social media, as a result, businesses that stay out of these platforms will lose new customers.

Moreover, through social networks, it is possible to listen to customers, find points to improve and make changes following the demands of those who buy. Reputation management tools can help small businesses monitor brand mentions and learn what customers are talking about the business.

3. Lack of Marketing Knowledge

Many small businesses may not have a dedicated marketing professional handling their day to day marketing activities. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to hire a marketing professional or agency to get the job done.

You can also consider training your in-house team online: for example, free courses are offered by the HubSpot Academy with certification in Inbound Marketing .

4. Lack of Time

Sometimes small business owners are too busy running their business, they don’t get enough time to spend on marketing activities for their brand. Marketing Automation can help save a lot of time for small businesses, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team at your disposal. There are many tools available to help small businesses with local marketing automation. For example, NUUN360’s Local Business Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses, can be used to manage various marketing activities viz. advertising, social marketing, listing management and more – all from a single Dashboard without switching from one website to another.

5. Lack of Sufficient Marketing Budget

Having more budget is often easier said than done, especially in the case of small businesses, whose expenses are not flexible, if not on the contrary, are usually fixed or adjusted. But many small businesses are ready to allocate more budget for marketing, with confidence, if they have access to the ROI of marketing efforts.

There are many pocket friendly marketing options available today. You can consider influencer marketing. Growing a relationship with an influencer who resonates with your target persona can really expand your reach and save your budget. Collaborate with micro-influencers, who can often do a better job and reach a more niche audience, for a lower cost.

Examine what’s holding your marketing back. Whether it’s lack of leads, knowledge, time, visibility or money, there are solutions for everything, if you’re willing to fight for success. Don’t allow challenges to hold you back.