5 Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing Every Marketing Manager Should Know

Benefits of Influencer Marketing calgary

5 Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing Every Marketing Manager Should Know

Today we are going to talk about the key benefits of Influencer Marketing, one of the fastest-growing segments of digital marketing, worldwide. 

If you are a small to medium business aware of the importance of a good marketing strategy for the development of your business, you might have already heard about “influencer marketing” and the so-called “influencers”. However, regardless of whether you already have some prior knowledge about this type of marketing or not, this article is an excellent gateway to your research on the topic. 

Many brands, unaware of the benefits, still wonder if digital influencers are worth hiring and if they really exert all that influence on their followers. 

Will Influencer Marketing really bring results to my brand?” or “Is it just a fad that will soon end?”  

If you are in the group that is still asking these questions, pay attention. Many brands are already leveraging Influencer Marketing to strengthen communication with their audience. 

What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing? 

In this article, we will explain what are the main benefits of Influencer Marketing that your brand can also enjoy. This is a great opportunity for you to answer your questions. 

1. Influencer marketing builds brand trust 

Influencers interfere with the buying decisions of their followers who believe what they say because they are part of the community, speak the same language as them, and understand the tastes and needs of their audience. They are essentially brand ambassadors from within the community. The proximity is so great that they are like friends with their followers. So, if an influencer recommends a brand, followers agree with them for good reason, as they position themselves as an authority on the subject. 

Top Youtubers (Youtube Influencers) in Canada
(Source: https://starngage.com/influencer-marketing-canada/ )

2. Influencer marketing improves brand awareness 

Associating the brand with a personality that is admired by the public only adds to it. Influencer’s followers will know your business positively, along with content they already like to follow. 

Thus, your brand’s positioning is strengthened in front of the target audience that the brand wants to impact. Therefore, it is also worth remembering the importance of partnering with influencers who have confidence and who have values like yours; After all, they will also be associated with your brand. 

3. Influencer Marketing Reaches the Right Audience 

When we work out a social media marketing plan, one of our main concerns is with segmentation so we can act on the audience that we really want to impact. 

One of the main benefits of influencer marketing is that the brand can reach the public through the endorsement of a person with high influencing power. On the other hand, ads, which are created by the brand itself, are increasingly losing credibility. 

Tom’s of Maine, a brand that makes toiletries using natural ingredients focused on micro-influencer campaigns which encouraged people to try their product and talk about them on social media. They were able to reach over 4.4 million potential buyers in three months.

4. Influencers Impact Other Dimensions of Digital Marketing 

Small businesses that want to be better known, regional brands that want to expand their region or even large companies that want to increase their market share: all enjoy the benefits of Influencer Marketing. 

 Influencers can increase brand reach because they often have a significant number of followers. Additionally, they can work as an auxiliary tool in your content marketing strategy and even have a good impact on your SEO. 

5. Digital Influencers Enrich Your Digital Presence 

Digital Influencers have their success tied to the online world. It is on the internet that they engaged their audience and gained their influence or leadership power over potential buyers in their follower base. 

So, by working with influencers, you also strengthen your digital marketing strategies in an environment where your audience is certainly present and active. This shows that your brand is up to date and knows how to communicate with the public.  

Now that you know the key benefits of influencer marketing, what do you think about including it in your digital marketing strategy?

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