5 Must know Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business owners

Holiday Marketing Strategies

5 Must know Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business owners

If you look around you at this time of the year, you will notice lots of happy faces and people getting excited about the upcoming holidays. We all love the holidays, festivities, and any special occasion on which we can celebrate. It is the time of the year where you can dress up a bit fancier, get festive, be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones, and do fun things. 

Regardless of your business, with your marketing efforts throughout the year, you are promoting your products and services to someone, to people. In today’s article, we will be looking into why and how you with your business can join the holiday party, delight the right customers, and boost your business’s product or service at the same time. 

Hit key emotions with your campaign

Lots of people are under the impression that the way they make a decision is purely based on reason. The truth, however, is, that all individuals make decisions emotionally after which they justify their decisions with reason. Keeping this in mind, a successful holiday marketing campaign should be an emotional one. 

Try focusing on feelings that fit with a particular holiday like giving back, or gratitude. Other emotions you can concentrate on are friendship, being home for the holidays, goodwill, etc. 

Build hype with relevant contests and giveaways 

Giveaways and contests are very cost-effective methods to help engage with your followers, get new followers, and build hype for an upcoming event. Using giveaways and promotional contests you can get your target audience easily excited about the upcoming holidays and your brand. Depending on how big your team and budget are, these can easily range from a simple Twitter hashtag contest or a photo caption contest on your Facebook page to a complex multi-staged puzzle game. Try to find fun and creative ways to make the contest or giveaway around the holiday while keeping it relevant for your brand. 


Sell Through Different Channels 

While brick-and-mortar stores should take full advantage of the additional foot traffic thanks to holiday sales, do not forget about the promotion on your social media channels and via email as well. Set up a small business marketing strategy to keep customers constantly engaged throughout (and beyond) the holiday season. Ideas might include a countdown to savings promotion where each day a new offer is revealed on your Facebook or Instagram page. Make sure your communication aligns both online and offline to avoid confusion, meaning if you are selling an item for 25% off in an email campaign, confirm if it is exclusive to online shoppers or if it will be honoured in-store as well. 

Host a Holiday Event 

Small Business Saturday is the biggest day of the shopping year for small businesses, but do not miss other opportunities to get your products in front of a larger crowd. Research fairs, festivals, and pop-up shops in your city and set up a booth or co-sponsor an event to draw more people to your business. Customize a business banner special for the event and set up a table that will entice people to stop by. Holiday-themed treats, swag bags, and an eye-catching setup. are all innovative ideas to attract shoppers. 

Even if people cannot make the event, it still puts your brand front and center when they are thinking about their holiday shopping lists. The goal is to get more people to your store to buy your products, but it may not be from a singular communication. An invitation to a fun event is one way to draw attention to your business during the busy season. 

Create an easy-to-share campaign

Although it is always tough to predict if your campaign will go viral, there is a way to try to maximize the chances of it going viral. The most essential element being, the easiness with which your campaign can be shared. If you think of the fact that 74% of consumers rely on word of mouth as the top influencers of their purchasing decision, it means that when someone sees your campaign from a friend, they are more likely to act upon the campaign than seeing it in a pre-roll-on YouTube or a Facebook ad. 

Some easy but often overlooked ways to make your content easier to share is simply by adding social and email buttons. These sharing buttons make it easy to share your campaign with just one click. People love being able to have a bigger chance of winning by sharing a contest with their friends or showing off something they love. In today’s social world this is mostly done by sharing content across their social networks. 

By creating shareable, branded content, you can exponentially expand your Business’s reach. From memes to videos to microsites, if it connects with your audience people are quickly moved to share your content. Make it easy for your audience to know about your business, by making your content more entertaining than promotional, so people will want to share it. 



When it comes to business strategies for small businesses, the unique aspects of your business will make the most difference. What do you have to offer that your competitors do not? What will make you stand out this holiday season? Discuss these strategies with your team, and decide how to grow your business by applying them and making them work for you. Stock up on customized merchandise today to help power you through the holiday season – and the days of holiday shopping leading up to it! 

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