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SEO tools are designed to make the process of search engine optimization less complex. It can be said that SEO tools are essential for anyone who wants to reach the top Google. The features offered are diverse, but the focus is on improving strategies to increase the visibility of your website, blog or e-commerce store. 

Today, we are comparing 5 popular SEO tools that are made to facilitate the creation of digital marketing strategies and optimize your website traffic. Know their key features and how to use them to optimize your pages for visitors. 


As mentioned earlier, it is extremely advantageous to use tools that assist in keyword research and other aspects of search engine optimization. There are many SEO tools available today, both as paid and free versions. Here are five of them that can help improve content optimization strategies. 



SEO tools are used on web pages, so that optimization strategies are measured and better applied. One of the main ways to put your site on the first page is to be aware of the ranking factors offered by SEO tools. 

SEO tools have different purposes and benefits. However, the vast majority work similarly, analyzing your site and giving significant insights to increase the performance of your ranking strategy. 

For example, there are several SEO tools that offer keyword searches. These tools are used by the user to make your site more relevant to Google search. Other tools analyze your link building strategy to increase your page authority. It is possible to combine the use of SEO tools, thus optimizing your entire site. With strong SEO, your website will appear on the front pages of Google and other search engines. 



Using SEO tools makes all the difference in your website. Analytics tools offer even more benefits than automating processes, and yes, they can fix other issues on your site as well. 

SEO tools help you get to the bottom line of your strategies faster. More than just providing data, SEO tools are a real guide for those looking to optimize their site. 

With full site SEO analysis, you can make decisions much faster. It also finds errors easily and suggests fixes. 

If you want to have a site that offers good navigation and really efficient search engine optimization strategies, using the best SEO tools is almost a must. 



By this point, you have known about search engine optimization tools and the benefits of using them. Now, let’s go to the Top 5 of the best SEO tools of 2020. 


SEMRush is one of the top SEO tools available today. Undeniably a complete SEO platform, SEMRush has features such as keyword research, as well as analyzing your entire domain and your competitors. 

With SEMRush you can analyze several factors: 

  • Keywords that are most relevant for your business 
  • Backlinks from your page and also from competing websites 
  • Marketing strategies used not only on your site but also by the competition 
  • Integrations with Google tools like Analytics and Search Console 

SEMRush features both a paid version and a free version. In the free version, it is already possible to use various features but to a limited extent. For example, in the free version, SEMRush limits the amount of keyword research. You can only do 10 searches per day and in the paid version the volume is much higher. You will be able to make up to 3,000 daily keyword report requests. 

The tool in its Free version is already quite complete. It even lets you create projects by parsing a particular domain. In the project, you can access various tools, such as positioning your site on certain keywords, as well as refining various ideas to create a really efficient SEO project for your site. 



This is a great tool for on-page optimization. It is especially used to ensure SEO optimization of your page, providing complete reports in various areas. 

The tool works by simulating a crawler (Googlebot), indexing and analyzing the SEO quality of your page. The tool is widely used by content optimization professionals and is of great help to those who want to be in the top positions of the search engine. 

Some of the key features we found in Screamingfrog are: 

  • SEO title analysis and goal descriptions 
  • Generation of XML Sitemaps 
  • Full site audit 
  • Possibility to find broken links or errors 
  • Link building services 
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console 

Basically, Screaminfrog’s main function is to simulate Google’s algorithm and give users full reports showing how their page is performing. 

The reports provided by this SEO tool are really complete. The tool is able to provide all the data necessary for professionals to make their site rank high on search engines. 


For all the small businesses in Calgary, we suggest a marketing automation tool to boost their online presence.

Marketing Automation Tool: Nuun360

Nuun360 is a local marketing automation tool for small businesses in Calgary. With the help of Nuun360 Local marketing automation software, you can manage and measure your small business online marketing activities.



Specializing in Off-Page SEO, Majestic is a tool whose main function is to analyze the backlinks and other information about your site. Using sophisticated search algorithm systems, Majestic SEO has been gaining momentum among digital marketers. 

Like the two tools mentioned above, Majestic SEO also features a free version and a paid version. In the Free version, users already have the opportunity to use various features, which greatly contributed to the popularization of the tool. 

These are some of the features we can find in Majestic SEO: 

  • Competition Analysis 
  • Finds the search volume for a given keyword 
  • Creation of link building strategies 
  • View link history 
  • View all domains that reference your site 

Majestic is currently one of the best tools for working on link building for a website. The tool stands out mainly for guiding and creating the best guidelines for doing great work with links in order to improve the SEO of your page. 



SEO is intrinsically linked to Google. That way, one could not miss a feature developed by the search giant in our Top Five best SEO tools. 

We’re talking about Google Analytics, which connects to your site and monitors various metrics and analyzes key data related to your site traffic. Analytics can be considered the best tool for traffic analysis and search monitoring. 

The platform features several metrics, all relevant to the analysis of those who work with SEO tools. You can still customize reports so that Analytics reports on specific goals and metrics. 

Some of the key information offered by Google Analytics include: 

  • Total number of visitors 
  • Traffic sources 
  • Goals 
  • Results for E-commerce 
  • Marketing 
  • Access from social networks 

Google Analytics provides many key insights related to your website traffic. The various filters and metrics also allow you to analyze overall user behavior, a great way to optimize your site and get you ready to receive more and more visitors. 

In addition, Analytics is one of the best tools to use in digital marketing. You can measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and measure the effectiveness of the strategies applied to your site. 



WookRank is a tool specifically designed to evaluate the structure of your site. Each month, over 75,000 websites are reviewed by WooRank, so detailed reports are offered to the user almost instantly. 

In addition to analyzing your own site, WooRank also allows you to analyze your competitors, making it easy to create strategies to keep you in the top position. Eventually, the platform can be used for a variety of purposes. 

The reports generated by Woorank let you know which keywords your competitors use, allowing you to tailor your strategies to outperform your rivals. 

Some of the features we found in WooRank are: 

  • Keyword tools 
  • Page crawler 
  • SEO monitoring 
  • Sales tools 
  • Extensions 

Reports can be received by Email without having to access the platform whenever data needs to be analyzed. In addition, these same PDF reports can be downloaded for offline analysis. 

These and many other features make WooRank one of the top 5 SEO tools today and will certainly be of great use in optimizing your site for search engines. 

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