5 Voice Search Tips For Small Businesses To Improve Local SEO Ranking

SEO Tips for voice search

5 Voice Search Tips For Small Businesses To Improve Local SEO Ranking

If you have a marketing plan for your website, you should already know that to gain prominence and appear in the top positions of Google, an efficient SEO strategy is essential. 

An optimized page is not a guarantee of success, but it can go a long way for people to find it. With the increase in the use of mobile devices, however, a new challenge arises preparing your content for voice searches.  

Do you know why it is important to worry about it? 

According to Gartner, by 2020, 30% of web sessions will be done without the use of a screen 

Think about when you go to the Google page and type in something you’re looking for. Whoever wants to find a restaurant, for example, would input: “restaurants near me”. 

A voice search for the same case would be more direct and conversational, that is, in the form of a question: “Where can I eat out tonight?”

This is one of the main characteristics of content optimization for voice searches, but there is much more. Below we have selected 5 tips for you to optimize your page for this type of search. 

5 SEO tips for voice searches 


One of the best-known SEO strategies is the use of keywords. Web analytics programs like Google Analytics help users find the most searched terms on the network and which, when used on the page, will help with their positioning on the search engine. 

For both voice and text searches, more important than finding keywords is to understand the reasons that lead the user to search for them and build content that meets these needs. 

Nowadays, Google’s algorithm is programmed to rank the content that best responds to the user’s intention when searching for a certain term. 

For any type of subject, whatever the theme of your page, the tip is to think of the questions behind the most searched terms to answer them and use them in your texts. 


The so-called “featured snippets” are boxes with answers that appear before the first result on Google and that according to the search engine “are especially useful for those who use mobile devices or the voice search feature”. 

These snippets are highlighted when Google’s systems “determine that this format will help people find what they’re looking for more easily, both by describing the page and by clicking on the link to read the page itself”. 

In short, content that is relevant and that goes straight to the point, which is behind the user’s intention that we explained in point 1. 

Of course, reaching the so-called zero position will not happen overnight, but keeping it in mind when building your page will help create the best content possible. 


In addition to chasing users away, a slow and garbled page is penalized by Google at the time of ranking. 

This tip applies both to optimization for text and voice searches. 

Therefore, avoid overloading your page with photos, videos or other elements that are too heavy to impair your indexing by Google. 

Another important tip: as most of the voice searches are done through mobile devices, have a “mobile-friendly” website, that is, adapted to smartphones and tablets. 


You can apply all of the above tips yourself, but using software focused on optimization will save you time and increase the chances of achieving good results. 

In addition to helping you find strategic keywords and planning materials that address what your potential customers are looking for, SEO tools allow you to control the performance of your content, make an analysis of competitors and much more. 

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Voice search can have a big impact on local businesses like restaurants and stores. 

A survey conducted in 2018 by the SEO platform BrightLocal shows that 58% of people used voice commands in the year prior to the survey to find options in their surroundings. 

For businesses that depend on the local audience, it is very important to keep a page optimized for this type of search. 

First of all, make sure your business is listed on Google. 

Another tip is to build your online reputation through user reviews, which also contributes to the page’s ranking on Google. 

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