6 Key Tips for Optimizing Google Discover

6 key tips for optimizing Google Discover

Marketers frequently asked what is Google Discover and how can I optimize it? Because Discover is a remarkable source of web traffic for marketers and it can help you build your brand authority faster. Let’s go ahead and understand what is Google Discover? How can you optimize your site to win at Discover traffic for?  

About Google Discover: 

With over 800 million users, Google Discover has proved to be a hit. Although this is not a new concept, earlier it was known as Google Feed. It was introduced in 2018 and started a new era of SEO, where without doing any searches users were able to see content from the topics they were interested in. This feature essentially was Google’s take on the popular social media feed.  

The Discover feed comes in the form of a series of cards meant to keep users up to date on the stories according to their taste, just like other feeds. It can also appear within organic search results as a special content result block titled “Interesting finds.”  

What is Google Discover? 

This is a very similar way of how Facebook presents content to its users in a non-chronological news feed.  

Google Discover shows the latest updates related to Articles, News, Music, Video, Advertisements, Live sports scores, etc.   

It’s also like a social media feed, which is heavily personalized around things you search for and videos you watch- all mixed in with Google’s Artificial Intelligence to present new content to the user that Google considers is relevant and interesting.  

Some of the new updates to Google discover include a new look, updated content, new controls, multiple languages, and, Discover on Google’s home page, etc 

Marketers may face Challenges with Google Discover’s Search optimization: 

Discover brings new challenges for marketers. As its search engine optimization is a little bit different from traditional Search Optimization. 

Earlier with most forms of Search Engine Marketing, there was an origin – usually a keyword or subset of keywords. At that time there was a possibility to create content, and tweak user experience to satisfy the intent behind said keywords. But in Discover, there is no Origin.  

Search Engine Marketing- Google Discover

How to Optimize Google Discover? 

Below are some of the optimization tips for Google Discover which can improve your visibility:  

  • Eligibility for Google Discover:  

To make sure that your brand/website is eligible to be discovered in Google’s feed, your website must be verified and indexed in Google’s Search Console and the content should pass the Google News standard.   

  • Optimization for Mobile:   

As we know Google Discover is only available on mobile and tablets, so the content must be mobile accessible.  

To compete in gaining visibility within Google Discover, you need to have a good mobile user experience like a web app. To make sure of that:  

Having AMP pages is important for optimizing your website for mobile users. Because Google Discover only supports mobile web pages and having AMP pages is a must to ensure that users have the best possible experience. AMP pages help to improve the overall user experience because of its fast downloading and fullscreen experience features. 

  • Image and Video Optimization:   

According to Google, users would be seeing more images and fresh visual content in the Discover feed. The use of a unique image or video provides a higher chance of appearing in Google’s Discover feed when you tie it in with a piece of content or article.    

  • Content Strategy (Content Marketing): A Mix of New & Evergreen Content:  

We know that content is the key to your digital presence. Google Discover indeed presents relevant content, but that doesn’t mean that it would just bank on newly published posts. Generally, the user will see content that is closely related to their interests which depends on their search habits. With Discover, there is no use of special tags or structured data. Google ranks Discover content algorithmically based on content quality and strength.  

To create a successful Google Discover strategy, your content should be a mix of:  

— Evergreen content (with accurate information).  

— Updated content that follows the latest industry trends.  

— News or articles around relevant topics.  

  • Time Sensitive & Real-time Content:  

The most important factors in Google Discover are real-time events and time sensitivity. Because users are likely to have multiple hobbies and interests, understanding your audience and their variety of interests is very important.  

  • Avoid Over-Optimization:  

As mentioned earlier, Discover doesn’t use special tags or structured data, so you should avoid doing over-optimization. As long as your content is good and serves the user’s search query, then it’s a win-win situation for Discover. Put your efforts into improving your content and not too much on the interests like you are used to doing in traditional Search Optimization.  

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