6 Useful Tips From Experts In Social Media Marketing

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6 Useful Tips From Experts In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest and most practical ways to get in touch with your target audience: customers.

However, you must first know how they work and how to use these networks correctly to avoid wasting time, investing and risking a negative image of your actions.


1. Choose the right channels

There are many social media channels out there. This does not necessarily mean that you should use all of them equally. If you’re starting your social media marketing journey from scratch, do a little research and ask your existing customers which social media channels they prefer or use the most.

You can do your research online and offline. If you already have social channels, check their effectiveness. Compare audience size for all channels, engagement rates, and other metrics. Choose the right channels, the ones that deserve your effort.

2. Learn from your top competitors

Another way to choose the right social networks is to spy on your competitors if they are on social media. Check how often they post and on which channels. Also, check out what types of content are posted on each network. Analyze which actions bring them the most benefits. Copy their best practices and implement them in your social media strategy.

3. Be consistent with the content

Bad news: Creating content for social networks takes time.

Good news: It doesn’t take that long when you have the right tools to do it.

The Pareto principle of 20/80 always works in marketing. Plan 80% content in advance, spend the other 20% time for live conversations with your audience. There are many different tools that allow you to post through social media channels and schedule posts for later. For example, the Buffer, Sprout Social, or SEMrush Poster tool.

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4. Post engaging content

When you have just started, try as much as possible and see how it works. Test different formats. Inside jokes, memes, and funny statements – try literally anything that can engage your audience. Test, experiment and measure different types of content. Watch out for user reactions. Social media marketing success depends greatly on testing, experimenting and innovating.

5. Talk to your audience

Small businesses are used to dealing with customers face to face. And most business owners are doing it very well.

Online customers are no different. People mention your brand through all social networks. There are two types of mentions: People love your brand and want to say thank you, or they’re disappointed. However, you need to answer both types of mentions. And there are two ways to do it.

The first is free: just check your inbox messages and check your brand mentions. The second is a more advanced technique: use social monitoring tools like Social Media Marketing Made Simple | Boost Your Brand Online, SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool and Brand24 – Social Media Monitoring Tool

6. Measure your performance

The best thing about social networking is that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. No matter what product you sell. Try it all and measure the outcome with engagement metrics.

Each social network has its own built-in analytics report. And there are two key metrics to watch out for: engagement and audience size. Engagement metrics show how your audience reacts to content. If you are using the Youtube channel, you should also pay attention to dislike metrics.

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