9 Tips For Digital Marketing Success In 2020

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9 Tips For Digital Marketing Success In 2020

Each year, new tools and technologies emerge to help businesses market their products and services online. In 2020, we are expected to see a revolution in AI with chatbots, voice search and more. But at the same time, some of the basic marketing tools remain the same and businesses often ignore them as they move forward with new trends.

Here are 9 tips to succeed in digital marketing in 2020 by optimizing already existing digital platforms.

1 – Email marketing isn’t dead  

E-mail was “forgotten” for some time – but it came back with everything and it is still the most used way for companies to reach their customers. E-mail marketing is nothing more than a standard piece of content that is sent to many people (customers or prospects) at once. Of course, there are strategies for that… The fact is that if you don’t have an email list, you need to start thinking about it in order to use email marketing effectively. Lead magnets are a great way of attracting people to give you their contact information. Freebies like ebooks, cheat sheets, checklists, etc. work well with website visitors.

2 – Social networks won’t go out of style anytime soon 

Social media allows people to connect directly with your business.  In the world of marketing, this is a form of digital marketing that always confuses small business owners – after all, when to use them? 

It’s not easy to build a solid social media marketing strategy, but the best start is to consider the following items: objectives, plans, content, updates, feedbacks. Never forget to monitor social media for brand mentions and respond quickly to messages.   

3 – How is your blog? 

If you don’t have a blog, you’re already doing it wrong! 

You don’t have to become the most famous blogger in the world – but you must acknowledge that this is a very interesting channel to become relevant on search engines. A blog is where you will publish important information on any topic related to your business niche. 

Keep updating your blog with the latest and trending updates from your industry and pass some value to your readers in the form of tips, trends, and tutorials. Make it a habit to post at least once a week and share your blog posts across social media.

4 – Ads (or Sponsored Links, as you wish) 

If we are talking about digital marketing strategy, this is possibly the first term that comes to mind, isn’t it? Digital ads are a different form of advertising than traditional ads because they are not intended to sell initially. The central idea is to “catalyze traffic”. 

 In the simplest words, we can say that ads will take people (potential customers) to your website to buy the product or service from there. 

To succeed in getting qualified clickthroughs to your website, spend time improving the quality factor of your Google Ad campaigns. Relevant landing pages & call-to-actions can make a huge difference in your ad spend while attracting qualified leads to your site.

5 – The sales funnel – you need to understand more about it! 

Well, considering the Ads, which will take your potential customer to your website, what should you do? Show your product and tell the reader “buy it”? Of course not! Nowadays, a lot is said about the sales funnel … Which, being quite simplistic, works as a bait to attract the customer to the purchase. 

How does it work?

Your prospective customer has entered your site… Now, you should be able to think of ways to make them understand the importance of your product in their life – without mentioning your product directly. 

And there are several ways to achieve this – everything will depend on your digital marketing strategy. In short, your marketing strategy should have a proper sales funnel with well-defined customer touchpoints.  

6 – Rethink about what you are selling 

On the internet, we cannot show products as it appears in the supermarket isles. The central idea should be to sell the benefits and not simply the products. The customer’s impression has to do with his satisfaction – this includes service, changes, improvements, competitive advantage and a presence in the online community. 

7 – Be present in the online world – always! 

Whether you are doing digital marketing through email, social networks, blog or ads, the company needs to be active online. This has to do with defending the brand and knowing how to deal with what is happening in the digital world. Respond quickly, have interesting topics and show content, always! Even though your company is not so recognized initially, eventually, your brand will gain recognition through patience and persistence. 

8 – Start thinking about Pinterest and Instagram  

These are two networks that are based on images. Both are free and usually have many followers. These platforms are already used by cafes, restaurants, and stores of all kinds. Small businesses that sell products with a lot of visual appeal should never hesitate to embrace these two sites.  

9 – Don’t forget the press 

Even with the advancement of technology, the press is still a good way to publicize your company. Include announcements on news portals and press release sites or even in the more traditional part of the media as a form of marketing to boost your visibility. 

We hope these tips help you achieve success in digital marketing in 2020. You may be interested in our ebook on 2020 Digital Marketing Trends and reading about Video trends that will dominate 2020.