Attorney SEO Case Study

Attorney SEO Case Study


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SEO Case Study for Attorney

Prior to SEO

An attorney office came in May of 2017 with some online presence. They wanted to improve their online presence by increasing organic and website traffic as well as clientele. At the time they signed on for our SEO Services, they had just 46 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines.

SEO Approach

  • We identified how potentials customers were searching through extensive keywords research.
  • We designed and implemented an SEO campaign that included on-page and off-page optimization around their targeted keyword terms.
  • We ensure that all name, address and phone number information was correct, complete and consistent across key sites including top tier directories such as Google My Business and Bing Local
  • We developed and distributed SEO friendly content on the relevant websites.
  • We created and distributed videos about the business

Google Analytics Data


Increase in overall website traffic. 219 overall visits received in the last 3 months


Increase in Google Organic Sessions. 125 organic visits received in the last 3 months


Increase in website page views. 474 page views received in last 3 months

Keywords Ranking on First Page in Major Search Engines

After 3 Months

August 2017

90 days later, the website went from ranking for just 46 keywords on page 1 of results to ranking for 149 keywords on first page. An increase of 224%

After 6 months

November 2017

They ranked on first page of search engine for 209 keywords. An increase of more than 354% since the beginning of campaign

By March 2018

March 2018

The moment of the campaign is in full throttle as they now rank on first page of search engine for 299 keywords. An increase of more than 550%

Why do Law firms/Attorneys in Calgary need SEO? 

At any given moment, Attorneys, lawyers, and law firms tend to have their hands full with caseloads and may not have time to devote to marketing their services. This is especially true of smaller firms, where budgets are tight and often required for projects deemed more vital to the business’s lifeblood. 


Hiring an affordable digital marketing or SEO agency in Calgary like Nuun Digital can be a great move for law firms who are serious about their growth. We helped many companies in the legal industry achieve their business goals with customized marketing solutions. Nuun Digital’s law firm search engine optimization (SEO) services are the ideal starting point for your digital marketing journey. 


Partnering with Nuun Digital helps boost your website ranking and improve search engine visibility and traffic. With our law firm SEO experts in Calgary on your side, you’ll have the ability to implement advanced SEO tactics that bring significant results months and even years down the line. 


Law firm SEO has many benefits which support its importance and makes it a considerable investment option: 

  • Analyze how you stack up to your competitors. 
  • Proven SEO strategies for attorneys & law firms. 
  • Keyword research & competitive analysis. 
  • Strategic content development plans. 
  • Review & reputation management… and many more… 


Law firm SEO and Local SEO in Calgary might sound like a complicated process, but working with NUUN Digital will make sure for a fluid and positive ROI SEO campaign. 


NUUN Digital provides reliable organic SEO services and understands the competitive law firms/Attorney services market in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and have a group of expert people dedicated to marketing and promote your business online. 

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