Real Estate SEO Case Study

Real Estate SEO Case Study


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SEO Case Study for Real Estate Company

Prior to SEO

The Client approached us in October of 2019 with some online presence. They wanted to improve their online presence by increasing organic and website traffic as well as clientele. At the time they signed on for our SEO Services, they had just 2 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines.


Growth in organic sessions in the month of January 2020


Growth in total sessions in the month of January 2020


Growth in indirect queries in the month of January 2020


Growth in Map views in the month of January 2020

SEO Approach


  • We identified how potentials customers were searching through extensive keywords research.
  • We designed and implemented an SEO campaign that included on-page and off-page optimization around their targeted keyword terms.

Keywords Ranking on First Page in Major Search Engines


October 2019

2 keywords On Page 1 at start of Campaign

After 60 Days

December 2019

7 keywords On Page first page 60 days later

By February 2020

February 2020

14 Keywords. The moment of the campaign is in full throttle. First page rankings.

Why SEO important for Real Estate Business in Calgary? 

Currently, real estate is thriving in Canada and with that fact, the number of real estate agencies, brokers, and agents are increasing too in Calgary and nationwide. 


The Internet has emerged as a reliable and great source for people interested in buying and selling properties as well as getting information about all the different aspects of real estate. 

If you’re into this business then you need to establish a mobile-friendly website and promote it by using SEO methods suited for real estate. 


Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many benefits which support its importance  

and makes it a considerable investment option: 

  • Best for achieving long-term real estate sales goals. 
  • A cost-effective form of marketing. 
  • Win the trust of new customers. 
  • Superior conversions, higher ROI, and qualified real estate leads. 
  • Keeps in touch with existing customers. 
  • Provide exposure to a greater number of prospects. 
  • Generate more leads without spending much on expensive advertising. 


Real Estate SEO and Local SEO might sound like a complicated process, but working with NUUN Digital will make sure for a fluid and positive ROI SEO campaign. 


NUUN Digital provides reliable organic SEO services and understands the competitive real estate market in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and have a group of expert people dedicated to marketing and promote real estate online. 

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