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Are you a Local Service Provider?  

Then you must know about the Google Local Service Ads and Google Guaranteed Program 


This feature is very beneficial for all local service providers.   

What is Google Local Service? Everything You Need to Know  

The Google Local Services feature helps businesses get jobs and grow their business sales by connecting the service provider and the people who search for their local services.  


Local Service Provider can now be able to get the direct leads from Google my business listing. With this feature, the business can now show their essential information to the customers.  


Local Services by Google or Google Guarantee Program is pay-per-lead advertising provided by Google for local service businesses. With this ad, your business shows up on Google when people search for your job type, and people can directly call you to book an appointment. Local Services Ads highlight the essential information about your business to potential customers: phone number, services offered, service area, hours and reviews.   

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Advertisers choose from a list of services provided by Google for their industry. When a person’s search matches the criteria for those services, your ad will be eligible to show. Unlike Google Ads, because you are selecting categories and not specific keywords, you can’t pick exact terms what your ads will and won’t show for. The best thing is, you aren’t paying by the click. 

What is Google Guarantee Program? 

Google Guaranteed Program for Local Businesses  

Google Guarantee program provides a guaranteed badge to businesses. 

Untrustworthy local service providers appeared at the top of the search engine result pages.  

Local Services with Google Guarantee Program is their solution to ensuring that only trusted service providers get high rankings on SERPs. 

Google started a program in which Business owners will have to register for Google Local Services with a guarantee program by completing an application where you have to submit a location, services, license, insurance, and valid credit card information. 

If you pass this verification, you will get Google Guarantee badge and get featured in the Local Services ads unit. 

Being Google Guaranteed indicates that you (service provider) have passed the background check.

Local Google Ads Service

The benefits of promoting your business with Local Service ads include: 

Business placed at the top of Google search results pages

Building client trust with the symbol(badge)

Pay for Conversions, not for clicks

Talk to customers that specifically selected your profile

You can access your account any time online or through Android and iOS

Connecting with the potential customers most likely to book a service

How Can I Get Listed In Google Guaranteed Program?



Google Guarantee Program provides the customers with a better experience. Google has formulated an advanced verification system to opt-in this program. Before getting listed in this program, businesses have to sign into Local Service ads. This service creates an easy path for customers to connect with your business. It will display your contact details, address, reviews, location, business hours, etc. This information can help visitors to understand your business.


  • Get started with Local service ads 
  • Pass the background check 
  • Verify your license and insurance 


Businesses using Google Guaranteed program will get more qualified leads. To get the badge for your business, keep the below points in mind:


  • Ensure that your business has proper insurance and license 
  • Have a Google My Business page which is regularly maintained and verified 
  • Ask from satisfied customers to write reviews and do not fail to address negative reviews 
  • Check for updates of Google Guaranteed reviews 


Google Guaranteed screening process might be a little complicated, but it can bring a huge difference in lead generation once it is done. However, registering in the Google Guaranteed program is not enough. It should be adequately maintained, or else your Google Guaranteed badge may be revoked. Follow the rules laid out by Google terms to maximize your online visibility.



Google Local Services ads (Google Guaranteed) is an affordable way for contractors and other local businesses to get jobs and increase sales from the web and earn local buyers’ trust. Nuun Digital’s Local ads management services allow you to focus on running your business while our team focuses on increasing phone calls. 


If you provide local service and want to get leads, then you should apply for Google Guaranteed Program. 



Google Guaranteed Program Application Process:

Business Listing Optimization

Nuun Digital's Google Local Ads expert team helps you optimize your business listing.

Application process

Our team will guide you to pass the verification process from start to finish.

Ad Campaign Setup and Management

Let us know your service, and we will set up the campaign for Local Service Ads.

Ad Reporting

Our Google Local Ads Experts will provide you with detailed reporting.

Why choose Nuun Digital to manage your Local Services ads for you? 

Here at Nuun Digital, we set up your Google local service ads campaign through our dedicated Google representative. We also listen to every call you receive to make sure that they are good leads. If the phone call is spam, is asking for a service you don’t offer, or is out of your area, we will dispute the phone call to get you a refund on that lead. 


We will help you to verify application and once the program is completed, and we then help you navigate all required licenses, insurance, and background check materials to get the Google Guarantee Badge. With the Google Guarantee, if your customers aren’t satisfied with work quality, Google may refund up to the amount paid for service booked through Local Services ads, with a lifetime cap for coverage. 


Google Guaranteed Program service in calgary

You will get an optimized business description for your company that showcases the most important aspects of your company to customers and help them choose which provider to contact. These bios are shown on your profile page. 


You will get an optimized business description for your company that showcases the most important aspects of your company to customers and help them choose which provider to contact. These bios are shown on your profile page. 


You get the peace of mind for your campaign that is performing at its best through transparent cost-per-lead monitoring and revenue attribution. Measurably improve your ROI from Local Services ads with Nuun Digital, the leader in home services digital marketing. 


You’ll know your money isn’t being wasted on non-serviceable leads. When unqualified customers call you, our team disputes the cost of the lead with Google on your behalf, getting you a refund and allowing you to focus on running your business while optimizing your Local Services marketing investment. 

 When you choose Nuun Digital, you will be satisfied that your Local Services ads are being managed by certified Local Service Google Ads experts.  

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