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Personalized Marketing Approach

Tailor your campaigns for specific target accounts. Our data analytics team collects raw data through the many channels of media available to us and transforms it into relevant insight. This allows you to tap into your customer pool and better understand it through proper segmentation of different accounts. We then utilize creative task-routes to tackle each account’s specific attributions and needs, using many forms of media, such as:

– Webinars
– Events
– Direct Mail
– Email Campaigns
– Paid Advertising
– Web Personalization 

Value Sorting for Maximum Acquisition

Accumulate the maximum value per lead by sorting out high-value accounts. This will allow for faster conversion rates and positions you to become more aware of the different players in your market pool. The process can be broken down into five key steps:

1- Identify your high-value target accounts.

2- Conduct research on these accounts.

3- Develop customized marketing campaigns.

4- Run your customized marketing campaigns.

5- Quantify and measure your customized marketing campaigns.