7 Things You Should Know About Online Marketing For Calgary Small Businesses

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7 Things You Should Know About Online Marketing For Calgary Small Businesses

With the rapid advancement of technology, online marketing is continually spanning larger market spaces and engaging more people. However, too many small businesses, this essential practice remains inaccessible. Many small and even medium-sized companies struggle to find the budget and resources to carry out effective online marketing in Calgary. Blogging and social media marketing, though free, generally require a considerable time and effort to attract traffic and engagements. This reality leaves many small businesses unable to engage in the precise, modern marketing methods successful businesses currently substantially rely on.

This is where we come in; the following guide of online marketing essentials for small businesses will give you a little more insight on the ways we can effectively market your business online, at affordable rates.

1. Blog Creation

Blogging effectively is usually a challenging feat for anyone without web development, digital marketing, and SEO content creation training. Still, blogging remains “one of the best marketing strategies for a small business”, according to Maren Hogan, the Chief Marketeer at Red Branch Media. It is essential to understand that in online marketing, content is currency – it garners interest and even creates appeal. The more attention your content earns, the higher your website ranks on search engines. The higher your ranking, the more people are led to your company when typing in a keyword. By creating a strong blog, you can promote your business while interacting with your audience base. If you’re uncertain how to proceed, you may want to seek the assistance of a digital marketing professional.

2. Creating A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is an essential marketing tool for almost every single business around the world. Therefore, its advertising services are a necessary feature of any successful online marketing campaign. The concept is quite simple: the more people see a post, the more likely they are to interact with a page, which in turn will bring awareness to the page. The page will begin to appear on more home feeds, which has been proven to accelerate sales and increase revenue in the long term. A successful Facebook Business page will need to have appealing content, for which it may be best to hire a professional social media marketing expert.

3. Instagram Posts

As a Facebook creation, Instagram functions almost in the same way as its mother site and may require some investment in ads. Ideally, the social media marketing expert you hire will be able to provide unique, memorable visual content and catchy captions, using hashtags as keywords.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a little trickier than other methods of digital marketing because it will require subscription lists, which often need some adjustments in your web development. If you already run an email subscription, then you know the importance of consistency in reaching out – however, time-consuming it may be. Research has shown that combining emails and other marketing campaigns (sales/promotions/competitions etc.) can be exceptionally effective. In fact, over a quarter of sales revenue for mid-sized businesses are the result of email reminders. Our marketing experts understand that email marketing requires striking a balance: informing clients of all promotional content relevant to them but not alienating the client with incessant spamming.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click Ads are the adverts you see everywhere on your favorite sites and blogs, blinking at you in between posts and news. Pay-per-click ads are considered one of the most cost-effective online marketing tools to date. Google AdWords, the go-to pay-per-click ad tool, even offers flexible “exposure” options based on bidding. Small businesses can thus gain the same amount of exposure as larger businesses by spending more on their package. Hiring an online marketing expert will provide you with the insight you need on pay-per-click ad bidding and how to maximize your resulting exposure without breaking the bank.

6. Press Releases

Press releases are small businesses’ best bet of connecting directly with journalists and bloggers on matters pertaining to their business, services, or industry. Press releases are routinely checked by content creators and digital marketers who use them to create their own content. This practice is likely to lead to backlinks, which in turn will increase your Google search ranking. At a relatively affordable rate, you can have your press releases posted directly through a wire service, which will have it picked up immediately by the leading search engines and thousands of other websites.

7. General Social Media Presence

Social media presence also matters for reasons beyond advertising. Through platforms like LinkedIn, you can network with other professionals in your industry. This is particularly useful in garnering backlinks, which are the primary factor in your search engine ranking. You may offer to contribute guest blog posts mentioning your business on a competitor or peer’s page in exchange for posting their submissions. This method of “backlink” trading will require diligent networking. Therefore it is worth investing the time in building enticing social network pages.

Online marketing for small businesses in Calgary need not feel unattainable: the solutions are existent regardless of budget. The key is to create a strategy that works for you, combining the online marketing basics and campaigns tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for the assistance of an online marketing expert that will help your small business attain big exposure, contact us today.