Roofing Co. B2B Case Study

About This Project

Gross Revenues: $4.42MM Units Sold/Month: 48 Revenue/Unit: $9,200 New Leads/Month: 500

In the future…

Roofing Co. plans to use Nuun360TM to not only engage previous customers, but to reach out to a new customer base through lead generation techniques and automating social media.

The results that Roofing Co. can achieve using Nuun360TM are not possible with traditional ESPs and a basic CRM system. Integrating all of their marketing efforts into a single marketing automation platform allows them to have near one-on-one communication with their customers in a high-converting process. The end- to-end tracking ability allows Roofing Co. to see the ROI of each of their efforts, allowing them to effectively allocate resources to the highest performing.


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B2B, Marketing Automation, Revenue Performance, Segmentation