Our Services range from Contract and Contingent Recruitment to Executive Search and we plan proactively to ensure that hiring plans are in line with the long-term goals of our clients’ businessess

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

Equipment commissioning is the process of ensuring that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner and tenants.

Site Upgrades

Infrastructure convergence resulting from industry activity and leading to site upgrades is a service Molapo Technology is all too familiar with. Currently the surge in growth of data has created numerous site upgrade opportunities where Molapo has taken a leadership position in these services.

Tower Modifications and Reinforcing

Providers in the telecommunications and wireless industries continue to focus considerable attention on increasing the number of co-locations on each tower they have in inventory. Unfortunately, many of these structures were never designed to hold the additional loading that is now desired or the building codes change.

Tower & Site Maintenance

Nuun provides Structural Modification and Reinforcement services designed to restore or fortify areas of weathered or damaged telecom structures. Nuun also performs a full-climb condition assessment prior to designing or recommending any modification or reinforcement. This level of due-diligence ensures a proper design and implementation.

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Workforce Management