Top link building strategies that increase monthly revenue for SMBs

Link Building Strategies for Small Business

Top link building strategies that increase monthly revenue for SMBs

Every day, people who match your target persona are searching on Google and other search engines about problems they face and how they can find solutions. A top result on Google is worth hundreds of dollars in revenue because there are 66,000 searches done every second, worldwide. The first three results get about 60% of organic clicks in all searches performed. Ranking high on search platforms is important for your website to attract more visitors and convert them with a good Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy. 

According to a study, most small businesses understand they should be doing SEO but only 36 percent have an SEO strategy in place and are actively pursuing it. We’ve compiled some link building techniques you can add to your off-page SEO strategy to increase monthly revenue for your small business.  

Guest blogging 

A popular and easy way to get backlinks is to guest blog on other sites that have already established authority in your business niche. As subject matter experts, these websites get a lot of visitors every day and guest blogging for them will ensure that some of those visitors reach your website as well. A lot of websites are open to guest posts from visitors and openly state it somewhere on the website. To find blogs that accept guest posts, the following search inquiry can be used.  

topic + intitle:”write for us” 

You can then contact them with quality content that aligns with their existing topics. Once your article is accepted you can link back to your website by anchoring keywords within the article or through the author section. You can also reach out to websites that don’t openly state their acceptance of guest blogging because chances are, they will still accept your content. Because who can resist well researched, high quality, and free content? 

Broken link building 

Many websites have broken URLs that point to non-existing content. They give a 404 error when followed because the website may have deleted the content or worse, the website may no longer exist. Tools like SEMRush can be used to analyze broken links on popular websites. Once such links are found, you can use web archiving services like WayBack Machine to see what content was posted there in the past and recreate similar content on your website. Once you have the content posted on your website, reach out to the authority website and ask them to link to your post instead of the broken link. 

How to build broken links
What is broken link building

Unlinked mentions 

When a backlink is built from another website to your website, a keyword is usually used as an anchor text. This tells Google that your content is relevant for that keyword. But brand names are different. It is possible to get a backlink to your website without anchoring a keyword when the keyword is your brand name. Sometimes press releases and news articles talk about brands without linking to their websites. When a lot of people are talking about your brand Google will learn that your brand is important and will connect the brand name to your website, provided that your website URL contains your brand name. This is a subtle link building technique useful for branding your business.  

What are unlinked backlinks
Create unlinked mentions

Reclaim lost links 

Link building is a continuous process because backlinks are lost as time passes. For every backlink you lose, you must build new ones in order to stay on top of your SEO game. If you monitor backlinks often, using SEMRush, Moz or any other popular SEO tools, you will see that backlinks are lost every day because content gets moved, deleted or domains expire. If there is a huge drop in backlinks, Google will find it alarming and might penalize your website. Building backlinks from high quality websites (high PR or high DA) will ensure that the backlinks have a longer life.  

How to reclaim lost links

Steal links from low-quality web pages 

Sometimes, you will come across web pages that have a lot of backlinks even though they have poor quality content because the website owner didn’t bother about content quality and SEO but somehow their content went viral. In such cases, you can create a better version of their content and post on your website and reach out to the pages linking to them and show them you have an improved version of the content. Most websites will readily agree and link to you.  

Although link building alone cannot guarantee success, a good link building strategy can support your business with powerful backlinks that boost your organic position on SERPs and bring in traffic. Reaching the top positions organically is hard and long-term work. Google has many factors that evaluate whether the site is optimized to appear on Search Result Pages. So, count on the best SEO experts in the industry, they will help you cut the path to faster results. And when the visitor graph begins to grow, sales will follow. 

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