What is NAP for local SEO?

What is NAP for local SEO?

NAP is short for Name, Address, and Phone number. Correct, updated, and consistent NAP information is an essential component of local SEO success because Google and other search engines look at it as a powerful ranking factor while fetching location-based searches. Read on as we explore different aspects of NAP and why it is so important for local SEO.

Table of contents

  • Definition of NAP for local SEO
  • Importance of NAP for local SEO rankings
  • How to maintain NAP for local SEO success
  • NAP information checklist


Definition of NAP for local SEO

When it comes to showing geo-targeted search results, search engines use name, address and phone number as primary sources of credible information for any business. Without these three nuggets of information, they won’t know what to show about you as a business. So, NAP info puts you in front of local searches. Now when it comes to getting the most from NAP information, relevancy and consistency play decisive roles. Inconsistent and incorrect NAP will confuse customers, and negatively affect customer experience.


Importance of NAP for local SEO rankings

According to a Search Engine Land’s report, consistency in NAP in third-party local business directories could impact a website’s performance by as much as 16%. The importance of NAP information is clearly visible.

As a search engine, Google’s main aim is to provide the most relevant and accurate information, so when your website’s NAP data says the same thing across all digital properties, it can confidently put your information against related queries. So, appropriate NAP is directly tied to your legitimacy.

Better NAP data means better organic search ranking for locational keywords, more targeted traffic, more leads and chances of conversion.


How to maintain NAP for local SEO success?

Run a quality audit to check NAP consistency

If your website is new, you can start with an informed outlook. If your site is old, it’s essential you check how your contact information shows up online. Use an SEO tool that provides listing management features to identify your website’s external links. Gather all citation data on a spreadsheet and fix those that have incorrect information. 

Add proper and clearly visible NAP data within your website

One of the best places to add your NAP information for local SEO is to add them on your website’s footer section. When the same consistent data shows up on all pages, it becomes easy for search engines to read it, and for your users to contact you.

Update your GMB profile

Make sure the contact information you use on Google My Business profile is just according to the information on your website. Having consistent, and updated NAP data on your Google My Business page is vital for any local SEO strategy

Summed up, identify areas of improvement, update your listings and directories, and make sure your NAP information for local SEO is accurate across all locations.

NAP information mistakes to avoid and things to follow

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using different phone numbers for single business location
  • Not updating contact information for locations from closed or moved locations
  • Having duplicate data


Things to remember

Please follow a specific NAP pattern across locations, educate your employees on the relevancy and value of consistent NAP information, claim unfinished and unclaimed citations, regularly run a quality audit to check the relevancy of your data.

Managing NAP data can be stressful without a process.

NAP for local SEO boosts your visibility online. It is a ranking factor and builds trust among your audiences. However, for established sites managing huge amount of NAP information can be tough.

At NUUN, we provide high-quality local SEO services. This includes managing your NAP information and making sure your website consistently ranks higher, driving in targeted local traffic turned customers.


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